Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prom & Tri-activity

Hey everyone! Prom is just around the corner! Please watch the following video to find out information about prom and a fun activity to go with it!

- Click these links of awesomeness:

Get your prom tickets here!
Vote for Prom King and Queen! (Final Round: April 16th - 23rd)
Request a song for prom
RSVP for prom
RSVP for the tri-activity

- Need a dress?

HoneyGowns is a shoe and dress rental ran by OHSU student Josie Anderson. Please email josie.anderson@openhighschool.org or visit www.sites.google.com/site/honeygowns for more information.

- Quick details for your convenience in case you forget:

Date: April 27th
Time: 7 - 10:30 PM
Location: Utah State Capitol
Buy tickets ahead of time
**Bring student ID card

Date: April 14th
Time: 9 - 11 PM
Location: South Davis Rec Center

Remember, if you have any questions, email your student body officers!

See you at prom!


  1. First you said "All full time students can go"; then you said "Only juniors and seniors can go."

    I'm confused...

    1. Freshman-Seniors can go. Juniors and Seniors can be prom royalty.

  2. Me too. Who is really invited to Prom, and the activity? I would like to come, but need this clarified first! I've emailed people before, but never really gotten a straight answer.

  3. I'm pretty sure she meant anyone can go to prom (fully enrolled) and the activity, but only Juniors and Seniors can be voted in as Prom King and Queen. I could be wrong, but that's what I got from it. Hope that helps! =)