Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lagoon Day!

Hey everyone!
We are looking forward to this year which promises to be fantastic!
If you haven't followed the SBOs on Twitter then check the sidebar for their information. If you have a facebook you can also join the OHSU group there as well for updates. In order to join that contact Jizelle Jurquina the Vice President ( .

Lagoon Day is this Saturday, October 8, 2011
With an OHSU discount you can get in for $33.95 each for up to 8 people.
Come to the Teton Pavilion for pizza and games! We will be there at 12 pm.

Come to the pizza social and you will be entered for a drawing for some awesome gift cards, so be there!
Please RSVP ASAP here by October 6 in the evening.

If you do not have a discount ticket you can go and bring it up with Lagoon's will call. If you're having trouble there, Mrs. Lyons will have the discounts and you can call her when you get there!
**Important: When you're at Lagoon take pictures! Lots of pictures! Then send them to our Historian Rachel Shearer for the yearbook. We want to document everyone's adventures. =)

Contact for questions:
Mrs. Lyons Phone Number: 801-232-3943

Teton Pavilion is number 6 on the map.

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